About the conference

For a long time, everywhere in the world, libraries have offered courses on literacy, digital and other; they help the vulnerable gain basic skills, new competencies and have a better life. But technology for the sake of technology is not a purpose. The new developments in artificial intelligence are worrisome but are also making our jobs easier. Technology and AI should be a means, through which our lives improve, and our communities grow stronger and resilient.

The covid crisis, the migrant and refugee crisis, the war in Ukraine, the environmental changes have put a strain on people. We don’t look at the future with optimism, but with worry, we have less courage and hope than the previous generations, while the AI developments are marching us into the unknown in so many ways.

We need new mindsets for doing things, a new way of establishing social networks, where technology is not a barrier, but an enabler for our wellbeing. Libraries could support communities in this journey, for establishing a new human paradigm, new meaningful connections between generations and beyond cultures, perhaps shaping a new way in which we see our connections with the AI.

Occupy Library / Stelline Conference will take place in late spring in Milan, Italy.

Call for papers and proposals: December 27th 2023 – April 12th 2024
Communication for accepted authors: April 22nd – April 26th 2024
Confirmation of participation for contributors: April 29th – May 3rd 2024
Registration for the interested participants starts with January 15th 2024.
The participation fee is € 149 (+ VAT for Italian participants) as an early bird until April 12th 2024.
After April the 12th, the participating fee will be € 199 (+ VAT for Italian participants).